Saturday, 25 January 2014

Muerte Leathers

Lapointe and Bastchild had some short lived 100 edition treats at the Project Limited Fair.  

The Lapointe and Bastchild limited edition Grimm Royale LE Jacket.

and the L&B Swear Jacket - "Grimm Pistola LE" worn with L&B Mesh Leather - Mens Zip Pistola Black Pants

And the just dropped and still available Grimm Beast Leather which I look forward to wearing.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

His Dark Materials

Redgrave's liquid mesh gave us mesh that follows flesh now Hoorenbeek gives us mesh that follows light.

Materials means mesh with a reflection sheen that tracks local light.  As you can see with Hoorenbeek's Logan jacket light behind my right shoulder follows the sculpt of my jacket naturally.

You need a viewer capable of materials, My Cool VL viewer has it in an experimental beta version that is working well for me.  There are multiple versions of each Materials ready piece Hoorenbeek has released recently.  A dynamic, mixed and static version.  Static means old style painted on high lights, no materials, Dynamic is all materials lighting and looks matte black in a viewer that can't see materials but takes advantage of the full effect in viewers that can see it.  Mixed is exactly what it sounds like.  A version with the painted on high lights that  looks good to someone in an older viewer with Materials sheen underneath giving a partial Materials effect.

Mixed is probably what most people will opt for while while everyone gets their viewers updated to materials ready, but Dynamic is Materials lighting at its most spectacular.

As you can see the light reflection catches colour differences too allowing you to match the mood of any SL environment.

Liquid mesh gives us a glimpse of the post Deformer SL world's clothing shapes, Materials a world where light shines and dances across surfaces.  There is still a place for the craftsmen and crasftswomen sculpting equisitely detailed clothing shapes.  Things like jackets and shoes, Objects with mass and weight.  Materials lighting effects just add another arrow to the creator's arsenal.
Mesh Leather Pants - Black - Materials & Mesh Deformer Viewer Ready
Mesh Leather Jacket - Logan - Black - Materials Viewer and Mesh Deformer Ready

Leather Sneakers - Justin - Black (Materials Viewer ready)

 Shape: Self made
  3D Prim Full Beard by Jaryth's Barbershop  

  Tintable Masculine Eyebrows by Jaryth's Barbershop

 Eddesign - Complete body hair type 1  

Letis Tattoo :: Sirius ::  


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Liquid Courage

I had checked out Redgrave's Liquid mesh experiments when they first surfaced a few months ago.  I thought they were a fascinating first step towards the holy grail of mesh that follows tissue instead of just bones.

The results were crude womens jeans that sort of worked as advertised but like most SL women's fashions were incompatible with body shapes outside the Barbie mode.

Now a torrent of new designs for men using liquid mesh have hit the Redgrave shelves and like most mesh they work better on guys with our straight lines and less diversity of body shape.  This is exciting stuff and I have started seeing the few designs they have released everywhere.

In a way its almost a return to the old days of putting on an outfit and then adjusting your shape and seeing the clothing adjust with it.  If you put on liquid mesh and you see holes and gaps, you may find no matter how counter-intuitive it seems, that you need to increase rather than decrease muscle mass or widen your shoulders to make the gaps close.  Usually the required adjustments are minor.

Also featured in this post, my Road Trip necklace is going to be one of the finds in the upcoming MENstuff Hunt by  Bats Mertel's Digital Aura
Shape: Self made
  3D Prim Full Beard by Jaryth's Barbershop  

  Tintable Masculine Eyebrows by Jaryth's Barbershop
 Eddesign - Complete body hair type 1  
Letis Tattoo :: Sirius ::  
HeavyUsed Jeans+Belt / ClassicCut - REDGRAVE  
Mesh - T-Shirt Imprint- BUNDLE - REDGRAVE 

Guest Photographer Amy Smith